Graduation 2021


The best and most lasting way to keep your memories is to have them physically, not digitally. That's why I put a lot of effort into making each album look amazing.

Below you can see the design of an album, starting with the cover (both front and back), then we have personal photos (35) which you can choose from the photo shootings, graduation ceremony and banquet. Next will be the pictures with each classmate, and at the end the group picture.

Each slide you see is an open page from the album.


Photo shoots

At each photo shoot I highlight the model and we choose the concept of the photo shoot to suit him. You already saw photos from photo shoots I already took in the slides, but if you want to see more take a look here.


Since I often photograph events, I love capturing you having fun with all your best friends. You can see photos I took at 18th birthdays parties here and get an idea of what your banquet pictures might look like.

Offer - EN

If you have any question you have regarding the offer, the photos or anything else, feel free to contact me.